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Drug-free solution designed to increase circulation to your shoulders to promote healthy, comfortable movements.

Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Patch for Shoulder is designed to be breathable and flexible and to help promote comfortable movement. The patch contains bio-ceramic particles to increase blood flow and oxygen circulation to your shoulders. Learn how it works.

The Aspercreme Flexi Motion™ Shoulder Patch is designed with a skin-friendly adhesive and breathable materials for comfortable wear. The patch stays on for up to five consecutive days and is designed with water-resistant materials — it will even stay on in the shower!

Non-medicated patch

Ultra thin

Fragrance free

Available in four shapes

Water resistant

Comfortable to wear

Use as directed.

Size: 3-count pack

Also available: Back & Neck Flexi-Motion Patches.

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Aspercreme Flexi-Motion is a drug-free patch which uses and reflects the infrared energy that your body emits using the Flexi-Motion patch’s science-based Reflec-Tech technology.

Visual: A oblong patch springs from an Aspercreme Flexi-Motion packet and lands on an animated human back, which emits energy in yellow circles.

How does it do that?

The patch contains bioceramic particles, which reflect the infrared energy naturally given off by the body back into the body, rather than letting it escape.

Visual: Arrows deflect from the body against the patch, then back into the body.

The bioceramic particles help increase blood flow and bring more oxygen to your muscles and joints, stimulating your natural recovery process, so you can move in a healthy, comfortable way.

Visual: Circular red blood cells flow along a vein adjacent to a muscle. Yellow circles reverberate around the patch.

Aspercreme Flexi Motion patch is ultra-thin, stays on for up to 5 days and is available in different shapes such as back, neck and shoulder.

Discover Aspercreme Flexi-Motion so you can move your Aspercreme.


    Promotes comfortable movement.

    Stick the patch to dry skin as follows:

    • Remove the middle part of the protective film and press it firmly on the skin for a few seconds.
    • Remove either the left or right side of the protective film, extend the patch to avoid wrinkles, and press it firmly on the skin for a few seconds.
    • Remove the remaining side of the protective film and press it firmly on the skin for a few seconds.
    • Make sure the patch is firm to the skin and smooth, with no bumps, folds, or air bubbles. If the patch is not stuck well, do not re-stick it — use another patch instead.

    Store at room temperature. For external use only. Apply only to clean, dry, undamaged skin. Discontinue treatment in the event of evident irritation or hypersensitivity to the product. In case of specific blood circulation or muscular problems, seek the advice of your doctor before applying the plasters. Keep the box until all patches are used. Keep out of the reach of children. The patch should only be used by adults (> 18 years old). Do not use if the packaging is broken or punctured since damaged packaging could compromise efficacy and safety of the product. The product should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.


    Bio-ceramic particles reflect energy back into your body to help increase blood flow to muscles and joints to promote comfortable movements.


    This product is not eligible for HSA or FSA coverage.

    Do not use a heating pad or ice pack while using Aspercreme® products.

    Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Patch for Shoulder is a drug-free product used to promote comfortable movement.

    Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before using Aspercreme® products.

    Aspercreme® products should not be used after they expire. Check the packaging for the expiration date.

    We do not test Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Patch for Shoulder for use on animals. Please use only as directed.

    Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ products are 100%-drug-free patches that promote healthy and comfortable movement, no prescription needed

    Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Patch for Shoulder should not be reused. Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Patch for Shoulder stays on for up to 5 days after application.

    Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Patch for Shoulder should not be used on an area on which any topical product has been applied.