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We're here to help you fight those aches and pains that can make everyday activities, well, kind of a pain. From minor pain to arthritis pain, we've got the resources you need to get a better handle on pain, and keep it from ruining your day.


Here's a look at some resources to help you kick pain to the curb.

Arthritis Causes, Symptoms, And Pain Management

Learn more about why your joints ache and discover how you can ease the discomfort.

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Different Types Of Pain

From sprains and strains to bumps and bruises, everyone experiences pain differently. Learn more about the different types of pain, how it can impact your life, and how it can be addressed.

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What Aspercreme® Ingredients Are All About

Aspercreme® products are carefully made to provide temporary topical pain relief so you can keep doing the activities you love. Learn how we use a variety of effective ingredients.

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Aspercreme® Arthritis Gel, Powered By Diclofenac

Aspercreme® Arthritis gel now makes prescription-strength diclofenac available over the counter.

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Targeted Pain Relief In Many Forms

Aspercreme® products are formulated with ingredients to provide powerful and effective pain relief. Our core pain relievers contain maximum strength lidocaine among over-the-counter topical analgesics. And our Aspercreme Arthritis Pain Relief Gel has prescription-strength diclofenac for proven relief from the pain caused by arthritis.

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